Why are bucket hats so popular?

Why are bucket hats so popular?

With their wider brims, these hats offer protection from the sun’s rays for your face and shoulders. This makes them perfect for hot summer days at the beach or pool. They can also come in handy on a mountain hike or bike ride. Bucket hats combine style and function well.

In the 1960s, it was often worn by members of the Mod subculture. The modern bucket hat is derived from a tropical hat made from olive drab cotton that was issued to the US Army during the Vietnam War. These lightweight hats became popular among civilians for use in sports such as fishing, and as sun protection.

Are bucket hats out of trend?

Vogue has officially declared that the bucket hat fashion trend is going no where. You can thank Y2K fashion and the early return of 90’s and early 2000’s style. The bucket hat is officially back on the fashion scene. And with its laid back yet edgy vibe, there are plenty of reasons to embrace the trend.

When did bucket hats get popular?

Bucket hats

Popular in the late ’80s thanks to Jam Master Jay and LL Cool J, it came back in the ’90s thanks to Damon Dash, Ghostface Killah, and Rakim. Guess we somehow realized Gilligan had swag all along.

What does a bucket hat symbolize?

It was originally intended as protection from the rain, as the downward sloping brim meant rain ran straight down and away from their face. It was then repurposed during the Vietnam war as a means of protecting solider’s necks from burning in the sun, and made of a lightweight cotton to help keep their heads cool.

Are bucket hats out of style 2021?

Despite being huge in 2020, bucket hats aren’t going anywhere in 2021. The 90s hat is everywhere, from gingham and floral prints, to rattan styles worn over the summer. After Rihanna was spotted wearing a 90s-inspired faux fur bucket hat with a slip dress, searches for the hat sky-rocketed.

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