What is the purpose of a bucket hat? 

What is the purpose of a bucket hat?

It’s said the bucket hat was first introduced around the year 1900, originally made from material such as wool or tweed and worn by fisherman or Irish farmers. They were developed to protect from rain, and due to the unwashed raw wool they were often made from, they were naturally waterproof.

Are bucket hats useful?

Hale. Of course, wearing any kind of hat is better than not wearing a hat at all, but what makes bucket hats so great is that, unlike a baseball cap, they offer 360-degree protection.

Why are bucket hats so popular?

Bucket hats are so popular because of the heavy influence of a pop culture that has allowed them to experience continuous increases in popularity. They are durable, waterproof, and have a “nostalgic” value. It can be folded and tucked into a backpack, or worn to protect against the sun or rain.

Do bucket hats suit everyone?

As long as you’re having fun and you think you look good, go for it! While we can’t get enough of this versatile piece of headwear, we also understand that bucket hats might not be for everyone.

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