Are bucket hats cool again?

Are bucket hats cool again?

For some of us, memories of Blossom going on her first date come up. For others, we associate the floppy hats with 90s rappers and hip-hop icons. But as with chokers, kitten heels and tiny sunglasses, the bucket hat trend is having a major comeback moment, and we’re here for it.

Bucket hats are back! And it’s become pretty clear that celebs have decided the ’90s trend is going to be summer’s hottest accessory.

Are bucket hats in style again?

While fashion leaders and celebrities have been obsessed with the re-emergence of the bucket hat trend since 2020, they’re making even bigger headlines in spring 2022. Typically made of canvas, the most outrageous styles have even been spotted in thick padded faux fur and shag (but let’s not go there).

Are bucket hats in Style 2021?

Despite being huge in 2020, bucket hats aren’t going anywhere in 2021. The 90s hat is everywhere, from gingham and floral prints, to rattan styles worn over the summer. After Rihanna was spotted wearing a 90s-inspired faux fur bucket hat with a slip dress, searches for the hat sky-rocketed.

Is bucket hat still a thing?

If you’re looking for an accessory to last the full year, the knit bucket hat is a top contender, but if you want a more classic look, the tried-and-true baseball cap always works. Both styles are casual and will pair with my favorite 2022 sneaker trends.

Are hats Still in Style 2021?

Cashmere beanies, leather berets, and fur trappers paved the way for headwear during the Fall/Winter 2021 runways. Of course, that doesn’t mean we have to throw away our favorite summer trends. Fuzzy bucket hats and cozy baker boy caps are the perfect way to reinvent the nostalgic look to fit the cooler temperatures.

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